Precise selection tool

With our selection tool, you can draw a closed selection path on your desired area and then modify it precisely so that it can separate those layers and apply effects or filters on each layer separately. Once the drawing path is closed, it turns into a modifiable path with control points.
– Before drawing the path, we recommend you to watch the tutorial on how to draw the path by tapping on “How to ?” icon in the top right corner of the screen.
– A key to drawing a good selection path is to draw slowly (but not too slowly) on areas with more details and relatively faster on areas which are smoother (with fewer details).
– You can tap on control points and reposition (Pan) them as you like to make your path more accurate.
– To remove a point if needed, You can tap on the specific control point and hold for one second and wait until the red circle animation is finished which will result on removing the point and redrawing the path without the removed point.
– You can pan and pinch the view on which you are modifying the path for better adjustments of control points.
– By touching the reset icon on the lower left side of the tool, you can erase the path and redraw the whole path if needed.

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